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Aromatherapy Perfume Refreshing Mint

Aromatherapy Perfume Refreshing Mint


$ 18.00



Blended for those that love the holidays, this burst of bright citrus and cooling peppermint creates a layered fragrance reminiscent of a chilly night in New York. Cool peppermint, sweet clove and herbivorous rosemary makes for a playful and refreshing fragrance that lingers for hours.  

Aromatherapy qualities:  relieves tension headaches and nausea, refreshing, invigorating.

Ingredients: grape seed oil, organic herbs, essential oil blend and love.

Seagrape likes to focus on creating products that allow individuals to surround themselves with things that make them feel happy, sensual and centered. Inspired by the beauty found in nature, all of Seagrape's products are made with oils, butters and botanicals derived from the earth. They never use synthetic dyes, preservatives, sulfates or chemicals in anything they make. All of their items are made with clays, ground herbs, charcoal and spices. Pure essential oils are used to scent the soaps and oils creating unforgettable one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself and others. 

Handmade in Portland, OR.


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