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Boxcar Single fir
Boxcar Single fir

Boxcar Single fir


$ 28.00


Revolution Design House

The Douglas Fir Boxcar Singles are made from solid wood with a clear finish. This small succulent planter makes a big impact as a table centerpiece, on a desk or in the window.

Includes a stainless-steel insert to plant within.
Succulent plants are recommended. (not included)
*Do not allow water to remain on wood finish. Water spots may occur*

Revolution Design House is a Portland based producer of American made objects. Revolution Design House represents innovative makers-and-thinkers from idea to market, as their goal is to reinforce the importance of American design. Their products are made locally and the materials they use are always considered. The result is a collection of objects that are as unique as they are timeless, as simple as they are surprising. Through these principles, they bring pride back to ownership.

Made in Portland, Oregon.


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