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Shea Butter Cream Ensole
Shea Butter Cream Ensole

Shea Butter Cream Ensole


$ 24.00



Ensole is a blend of  mimosa, jasmine, and a bit of vanilla essential oil blended with a rich shea butter cream  in a 3.8 ounce tube and is perfect for hands and body. 

Apotheke believes in bringing beautiful, simply designed, quality products to your home and life. They are located in Brooklyn and strive to keep their factory and office work closely together to keep the hand made  process authentic. They work hard to include other small business' in their production process, as well as using American suppliers. They try to keep it all as close to "home" as possible. 

Apotheke only use natural plant oils, essential oils, nut butters, botanicals and herbs. Their skin products are all natural, plant based, as well as paraben and synthetic free, and their candles  are made with fragrance oils and soy wax. Everything is hand-poured and hand-packaged. 

Founded by Chrissy Fichtl + Sebastian Picasso. They reside and work in Brooklyn with their 2 year old baby and 2 mini Dachsunds. 


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