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Tilde's Neighborhood of Makers! Talia Brown Jewelry

Posted by Debbe Hamada on

Hello and welcome back to Tilde’s Neighborhood of Makers! Talia Brown is a super sweet local designer with an eye for color and a pension for  beach combing and resale shopping.  Talia is one of our longer standing Jewelry Artists here at Tilde and her pieces speak for themselves as to why she is so well received by our discerning customers.  Talia Brown jewelry is all about saturated color goodness.  If you're looking for that perfect statement necklace in Fire Engine red, Talia is your girl.  Earrings saturated in a peachy, blushy goodness, she's got you covered. talia talia5 Talia discovered her passion for creating and designing "anything" art related at a young age.  During high school and college, Talia took advantage of the art classes offered to her; such as painting, ceramics and jewelry.  After college, Talia's instinctual drive to create art did not cease while teaching Special Education for 6 years.  It became more of a "necessary hobby." talia3 Each piece of jewelry is hand-made by Talia in her studio in Portland, Oregon. Talia's designs reflect the beauty of the environment in which she creates them.  Organic shapes inspire hammered silver work.  By fusing pigmented glass to metal, her enamel pieces radiate the vivid colors of nature.  Her designs are her own and each piece is unique.  She loves experimenting with enamel - the possibilities of design and texture are endless and that is exciting to her. talia7   talia2   talia6 When you’re out exploring our amazing Sellwood Neighborhood  please swing by and experience for yourself why the Tilde family of Artists is so instrumental in providing depth and vitality to our sweet shop. Tilde • 7919 SE 13th Ave • Portland, OR 97202 T: 503.234.9600 E: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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