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Juniper Ridge

Posted by Debbe Hamada on

juniperridge1 Juniper Ridge. Juniper Ridge is the world's only wild fragrance company. They are hikers and backpackers, which is cool with all of us in Portland, Oregon. They distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings all gathered while they are hiking the backcountry - our favorite is Siskiyou gathered in southern Oregon. Their fragrances appeal to men and women. juniperridge4 JuniperRidge_MatRick_1024x1024 The Juniper Ridge crew handle every step of the process themselves, from beginning to end. After gathering the plant material they work in small batches to extract the fragrances using the old school techniques of steam-distillation, enfleurage, tincture, and infusion. SONY DSC Made throughout the West Coast- on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in their Oakland, California workshop. You know the joy of breathing deeply during an awesome outdoor hike? That fresh, clean smell. The feeling that despite all, nature still rules? That's the feeling that Juniper Ridge is bottling for all of us to enjoy when we are back in our homes. JuniperRidge_MakersWorkshop8_1024x1024

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