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Anna Joyce

Posted by Debbe Hamada on

We are so pleased to stock the newest handbag line from local maker Anna Joyce. Made with hand-painted 100% cotton canvas, soft, supple, premium leather, and solid brass hardware, these new cross body bags add a joyful burst of color and major dose of style to your everyday wardrobe.

Every Anna Joyce piece is lovingly handmade and hand-printed in Portland, Oregon. Because Anna believes in high-quality craft for every stitch and seam, her goods will last through time like a loyal friend.

Our friend Anna tells us a bit more about her background. “In 2009 I started my business Anna Joyce using a sewing machine I was given as a wedding gift. Vintage fabric, folk art, shapes in nature, and playing with color and pattern inspire each collection. My design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we can and should live with color and pattern everyday.” Photographs by Anna Joyce.

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