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Marika Paz

Posted by Julie Beckett on

We are happy to welcome artist and illustrator Marika Paz to the Tilde family. Marika grew up on the northern California coast in a redwood forest with her mother and a wolf they thought was a dog. With a lot of time, sky, and sea, Marika developed a love for folktales and art.

A self taught artist, Marika’s work explores the relationships of animals with humans and nature. Her illustrations feature playful forest animals, nature, and folk stories-with a hint of mysticism. Dreamy and imaginative, she creates a world of magic, wonder, and possibilities.

Marika now resides in Portland, OR where she is inspired by the flora and fauna all around her. She lives with her husband Patrick, Scout (the pup), Boogie (the cat), and Sugar Britches (the other cat).

Photographs from Marika Paz.

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