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Holiday Gift Guide 2018 - Presents under $25 and $50!

Posted by Debbe Hamada on

We have quite the AMAZING selection of gifts for this holiday season. We're starting our first installment of gift guides this year with items priced under $25 and under $50. Easy gifts to get your holiday shopping started right.

Below are a sampling of some of the gifts we have in the shop that are under $25 each.  

Starting at the top left & moving clockwise, here's more information:
* Winky Lux Lip Balms, Glosses & Lipsticks $13-$15 each
* Little Notes $14 each
* Natural Stone Bracelets $14 each
* Floss Gloss Nail Polish $10 each
* Graphite Sculpture pencils $20 each
* Mini Animal desk Calendars $10 each
* Hibi Incense Matches $12 each
Most of these items are not online - you'll have to come on in to grab up these great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, co-worker presents...good for anyone you want to give a little extra.

Here's just a selection of some of the many presents we have priced under $50!
Starting with the bowls & moving clockwise:
Tiny ceramic jewelry & salt bowls $15-20
Jewelry Travel Bags $38
Knit Slippers $38
Natural Stone Wrap Bracelet/Necklaces $28
Vegan Clutch/Crossbody Bags $35
Touchscreen knit gloves $29

We have a big selection of colors and prints in each of these products, far more than what is shown. Most are not online, but all are waiting for you at Tilde!

Tilde • 7919 SE 13th Ave • Portland, OR 97202 T: 503.234.9600 info@tildeshop.com
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