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Hope Bots

Posted by Julie Beckett on

Portland artist Gary Hirsch has added a new Bot to his line up of magical talismen. The Hope Bot proudly sports a pink hat and is here to help when you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the events around you.

Gary and Tilde have joined forces to donate all the dollars raised from the sale of these bots to the ACLU. In these overwhelming times, this little bot is here to help when you start to feel paralyzed. Keep it by your side and it will fill you with hope and optimism. Take your Bot with you for hope everywhere you go.

Each Bot is unique, costs $14 and comes in a box with a booklet explaining its powers. The Hope Bot is not available on our website due to its unique characteristics. You can email us at info@tildeshop.com, call us at 503-234-9600 or come in to choose the right bot for you!

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