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Jeni Lee Opening Reception "Home"

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Join us Sunday, September 8th for an opening reception! Jeni Lee's show "Home" features new work from the artist and new limited archival prints. Meet the artist and grab some refreshments and snacks!


Portland, Oregon artist Jeni Lee is known for her atmospheric paintings of the lush Northwest landscape. On a rainy afternoon in her art studio, she found herself taking the paintings outdoors, into and under the falling rain, using the rain water to layer and alter the paint. This process of engaging with the rain showers, invites unique works through chance and timing, each with patterns and reflections of color and light.

Each artwork is created with layers of acrylic paint, rain and collected recycled rainwater.

"From first traveling through the Columbia River Gorge at age 17 with my family, in search of a new home just like the early pioneers, to finding my deeper grounding and creative connection to the coast, to recognizing the daily joy that the forests, the birds, the rivers of the northwest brings, these new rain paintings evoke experiences that I have collected over the years, places that resonate, inspire and wonder."


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