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Jeni Lee's "Valleyscapes"

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Join us Sunday, June 9th from 2 - 4:00pm for the opening reception of local artist Jeni Lee's show Valleyscapes: Paintings Celebrating the Willamette Valley. 

"I work primarily from memory and imagination, allowing the experience and sensations of nature to emerge as I paint. With washes and glazes of paint and water, I continually build and alter the painting, carving out forms and layering light to evoke mood and atmosphere.
The Willamette Valley, with its dramatic skies and endless folds of earth and water, has always been a strong influence on my work, especially in the spring, when the fresh color and light of the season inspires much growth and possibility."

Portland, Oregon artist Jeni Lee is known for her atmospheric paintings of the lush Northwest landscape. Each eartwork is created with layers of acrylic paint, rain and collected, recycled rainwater. This process of engaging with the rain invites unique works through chance and timing, each with patterns and reflections of color and light.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening reception on June 9th or come visit us anytime at the store, Jeni's work will be up on our walls until July 25th.


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