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Tilde is Closing

Posted by Debbe Hamada on

Brace yourself friends: After 14 years of operating this wonderful shop, I need to inform you that Tilde will be closing. This is not altogether sad news for me: the challenges of the last 5 months have given me time to reflect on how I want to be spending my time right now and what I want for my future. A wonderful opportunity presented itself, which I’ll share with you below, and I decided that now was the best time for me to leave the retail business. Would Tilde be closing without the challenges presented by Covid?
Probably not, however I feel good about this decision at this time.

I’ll truly miss my coworkers (I look forward to seeing them everyday), the amazing vendors/makers I’ve worked with for over a decade (some who have become friends for life), all of the wonderful customers (like you!) I’ve had the pleasure to meet through this business and most of all, the joyful shop of Tilde. It was a great 14 years that is now coming to a close. Thank you for all your support shopping with us, now help me close this shop out with a bang!


We're now open for online purchase only, all our merchandise will be 45% off  We don't plan to open to in-person shopping as this online sale is going so strong. You can choose store pick up, free local delivery or free shipping. Our inventory is pretty slim, so if you see something, grab it online!!


  • If you have a gift certificate or valid store credit, we urge you to use it ASAP! If you have a paper certificate, if you contact us by email, info@tildeshop.com, we can email you a version to use online. Or come on in…pronto! Neither are redeemable for cash.

  • All purchases are now final, no returns or refunds.

Find out when Tasi will be announcing their opening and other news by following them via this email link  http://eepurl.com/vnX2X


  1. Why is Tilde closing? After 14 successful years it was time for Debbe, the owner, to move on to other opportunities still to be determined. The first opportunity is taking a break! I can’t lie, the last 5 months have been incredibly stressful. We are not making enough revenue to cover our expenses without taking out a loan, which we don’t want to do. And enforcing the Covid rules with everyone is not fun. But the biggest reason is someone with more energy than me was interested in our space and ready to take on the next 14 years (and beyond!).
  2. What about Gift certificates and/or Store Credits? If you have a gift certificate or valid store credit, we urge you to use it ASAP! If you have a paper certificate, if you contact us by email, info@tildeshop.com, we can email you a version to use online. Or come on in…pronto! Neither are redeemable for cash.
  3. Did you think of applying for Government Assistance? We were received the PPP Loan on April 14th and used it up on June 14th.
  4. Did you consider a Government loan or any loan? We are not in the position to repay a loan.
  5. What will happen to the Tilde space now? Coming in October will be the Tasi Jewelry & Gift flagship store.
  6. What will Debbe, Tilde’s owner, do now? First, take a much needed break. When you own your own small business, and it is retail, you never get to take a real vacation. I was always on call, responding to customers and vendors during every vacation I was able to take. I’m really looking forward to turning off my email and social media! A new job lays in my future, but it is unknown at this time.
  7. What can you tell us that we never would have guessed?

When Tilde opened our doors 14 years ago we were one of the first non-antique shops in Sellwood. Our area use to be called Antique Row. There were almost no restaurants on 13th Avenue. Grand Central Bakery had just opened in the year before us. Jade did not open for another 4 years. There were no food carts. The changes in the last 14 years have been great!

Heartfelt thanks
I really will miss the amazing women that worked with me to make Tilde such a welcoming environment. Francine worked here 13 years! She was my rock, always ready to help when emergencies arose. Francine also did much of the maintenance on our website and held down the weekends on the sales floor. Julie & Diane have both been here 3 years and are amazing. Julie takes all our photos for our social media and also works the sales floor. Diane managed our front desk, orders the myriad of packaging & shipping supplies needed and handles all our administrative needs. And finally, who could forget my mom Susan! She has worked at Tilde on and off for at least the last 8 years. Always willing to cover for staff on vacation, I’m so grateful for her for many reasons! I couldn’t have been luckier to have ended the 14 years at Tilde with a better crew.

While I am sad that Tilde is closing under these circumstances. I will also say, 14 years was a good run for a retail store. I am proud of that. I loved coming to work each day and being part of the community of Sellwood. I love my neighbors and have made lifelong friends from many neighboring shop owners and actual Sellwood neighbors. Thank you for thinking of Tilde as part of your family and shopping with us for so many years.

With much gratitude,


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