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Chesapeake Bay Layered Papercut 8x10 (Royal Blue)

Chesapeake Bay Layered Papercut 8x10 (Royal Blue)


$ 45.00



Over 35 million years ago, a meteorite struck the earth, creating a crater that, over millions of years, became the Susquehanna River Valley. Fast forward millions of years, add in rising ocean levels, and when the river met the Atlantic Ocean, the Chesapeake Bay was born. First explored by Europeans in the mid-16th century, the Bay takes its name from an Algonquian word, Chesepiooc, referring to a village "at a big river."

This is an original, layered papercut piece, handmade in Minnesota, and featuring the majestic Chesapeake Bay area.

This unique piece is intricately cut from five layers of high quality, acid-free cardstock. The top layer is a bright white, while the layers underneath are in ever-darker shades of color. The pieces featured in this listing is made in the Aqua blue set. Because this piece is handmade, it will differ very slightly from piece pictured here. The back is titled, signed and dated as an original piece.

The work measures 8 x 10 inches (about 20 x 25 cm), and is about 1/4" thick.

Crafterall is the work of Marnie (named after the Hitchcock film) Karger, she lives in lovely Shorewood, Minnesota, just west of the Twin Cities. Before starting Crafterall she taught high school English for eight years.