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Alani Singlet Bracelet (Night)

Alani Singlet Bracelet (Night)


$ 14.00



Using crystal beads for a brilliant shine, every Alani bracelet is hand-beaded using traditional methods by artisans in Thailand. Fastenings are made from vegan leather and are adjustable up to an additional 2.5" with multiple sizing options to provide the best fit for most people. Finished with plated brass Marquet engraved charms, dress up or go casual with these simple, tactile bracelets.

Size: 6" end to end with adjustable 2.5" cording

Materials: Semi-precious stones, beads, brass, and vegan leather

Marquet is a fair trade company distributing only the most interesting and highest quality décor, clothing and accessory items on the international market. Buying handmade goods, Marquet emphasizes the creativity of artisans and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Marquet goes to great lengths to document the origins of these goods. They travel the world extensively to individually meet the artisans and hear their stories.

Fair Trade. Made in Thailand.