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Selma Bridge cuff
Selma Bridge cuff

Selma Bridge cuff


$ 69.00


Betsy & Iya

Created as a tribute to an iconic moment of peaceful resistance, we hope this cuff continues to inspire and motivate. 

Material: Raw brass

Measures 7/8" wide in center and 1 1/2" at widest points in back. Adjustable (fits most wrists; for men and women).

The marches on this bridge have played a crucial role in the civil rights movement. Less than five months after the final march, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (the act that prohibits racial discrimination in voting) into law.

As a thank you to the efforts put in by those who came before us and in recognition of the work that still needs to be done, we are donating 100% of all profits from this cuffto a social justice non-profit, starting with the Black Youth Project 100.

Betsy & Iya started in 2008 in a coffee shop with a notebook, a bright red pencil, and nothing to lose. Among scribbles and coffee stains, the words “jewelry making” appeared in that notebook. Betsy & Iya are constantly learning, building, growing. They’re goofballs who can still work 80+ hour weeks, but know when to take a deep breath.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.


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