We are permanently closed as of 6pm Saturday, August 22nd.

Selling Consignment


Please do not bring your items into our shop without an appointment.

Though we rarely deal with makers on a consignment basis, we are open to starting a new line on consignment and moving it to wholesale if the items prove to be a match for our shop.

We can only consign vendors who have a complete line ready to sell in a retail shop. We can't sell a small amount of one-off items. We can't sell single pieces of art. We also can't assist you in determining your wholesale cost, we need you to have done that research before applying to sell in our retail store.

We select new designers that create a unique, functional and quality product. We also need to make sure that the work selected aesthetically matches our shop’s environment which is modern with clean lines, colorful and unique to Portland, Oregon or the area of town we are located within: Sellwood.