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Selling Consignment


Consignment is a great way for artists and designers to work out all those kinks of doing business with a business; such as producing a larger volume of work quickly, setting appropriate retail pricing, and testing how your new lines are received by your target customer. Plus, we handle all the tasks for you that can be quite costly for a new designer: day to day sales, on-going customer service, merchandising and display, marketing, shipping and inventory control. We display your biography in our shop and do our best to educate our customers about your work. Through consigning with us, you can quickly build the customer base that is aware of your line.

We select new designers that create a unique, functional and quality product. We also need to make sure that the work selected aesthetically matches our shop’s environment which is modern with clean lines, colorful and unique to Portland, Oregon or the area of town we are located within: Sellwood.


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