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Eau De Parfum I Am Stardust

Eau De Parfum I Am Stardust


$ 36.00


West Third Brand

A potion of jasmine + sweet violet flowers, ritualistic burnt woods with tobacco accords, pepper, rose + white musk create magic.

Key Ingredients: alcohol, fragrance oil, water

Size: 10 ml

A key player in the world of niche fragrance, West Third Brand gained a respected following for their craftsmanship of easy-to-wear minimalist blends of earthy botanicals. Its founder Michael Loring-Probst has defined the brand by intuition, assembling ideas and aesthetics of vintage Americana with a fine weave of European splendor. Nonetheless West Third Brand’s coherent style, which never seems to try too hard, takes us on a humble journey back to another time.

Handmade in the Texas Hill Country.


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