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Giant Notepad Color Frame

Giant Notepad Color Frame


$ 38.00


E. Frances Paper

Eleven square inches of gorgeous color. Transforms a work space into a work of art. 150 glorious sheets.

– 11″ x 11″
– 150 sheets, thick cardboard backer
– Printed full color on thick white paper

– Enclosed in cello sleeve with label
– Printed in the U.S.A.

E. Frances is the story of three sisters. Well, technically two sisters and one cousin, but sisters always seemed a more appropriate term. So the three grew up in the typical way: best buds from age zero to around nine, then the oldest gets too cool and the youngsters become too annoying. Then there was high school and college and jobs and marriage and children, and with every year the sisters have gotten closer to where they started – best friends, sharing jokes, dances and finishing each other’s sentences and baked goods. And now, they share all of it under the roof of E. Frances Paper (named after their beloved grandmothers) which houses a lot of beautiful and happy stationery, daily dessert discussions, and one small dance floor.


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