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Seattle Layered Papercut 8x10 (Royal Blue)

Seattle Layered Papercut 8x10 (Royal Blue)


$ 45.00



Stretched over a massive isthmus, nestled between the mighty Puget Sound and the beautiful Lake Washington, Seattle was destined for fame. With humble roots in logging before jumping on the Alaskan gold rush bandwagon, Seattle's location now brings in global trade markets, cruise ships, and visitors from across the Pacific. I've recreated this breathtaking part of the world in this cut paper artwork for a city known for good coffee, good music, and amazing views. And all of it, without a drop of rain.

This is an original, layered papercut piece, handmade in Minnesota, and featuring the major details of the Seattle area, including Union Lake, Lake Washington, Elliot Bay, and Harbor and Mercer Islands

This unique piece is intricately cut from five layers of high quality, acid-free cardstock. The top layer is a bright white, while the layers underneath are in ever-darker shades of color. Because this piece is handmade, it will differ very slightly from piece pictured here. The back is titled, signed and dated as an original piece.

The work measures 8 x 10 inches (about 20 x 25 cm), and is about 1/8" thick.

Crafterall is the work of Marnie (named after the Hitchcock film) Karger, she lives in lovely Shorewood, Minnesota, just west of the Twin Cities. Before starting Crafterall she taught high school English for eight years.