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Little creature green w/blue eyes

Little creature green w/blue eyes


$ 54.00


Beckett Ceramics

These little creatures with the big eyes are super friendly. They like to hide in plants, look out the window, or sit by your sink and watch you do dishes. They also like to read, so they’re happy to hang out on a bookshelf or with a stack of coffee table books. They’re just happy to be near you and to make you smile. 

This little sage green creature with blue eyes is approximately 2.75" tall x 2.5" wide. 

Julie Beckett of Beckett Ceramics first fell in love with clay through a class at the local children’s museum. Ever since then, she’s enjoyed hand-making clay sculptures with fun textures and bright colors. She lives in Portland with her cat, Monoko Nom Nom. 

Made in Portland, Oregon.


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