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Moon Phases Necklace
Moon Phases Necklace
Moon Phases Necklace
Moon Phases Necklace

Moon Phases Necklace


$ 76.00


Clouds and Ladders

This stylish necklace is simple but elegant. It can easily be dressed up or down to fit any style.

When the artist was a child, her  Grandma hung a poster on her wall that came from the National Geographic and showed the phases of the moon.The simple shapes that emerged from the complex process of sunlight being blocked by the Earth intrigued her.

Size: 3/4"  wide x 1 1/4" tall, about the size of a silver dollar. Chain is 18".

Materials: Brass frame filled with polymer clay. 

Kate Joseph is the designer and maker behind Clouds and Ladders, handmade in her studio tucked among the redwoods in San Francisco’s North Bay Area. Kate solders each individual brass frame with a torch and meticulously inlays each piece with the geometric shapes that make Clouds and Ladders so unique. Growth of the business has meant working closely with a metalworks studio located in Portland, Oregon, to have some designs cast in bronze. The colorful inlaid shapes Kate forms by hand from artists' grade polymer clay, a lightweight material which allows for comfortable wearing of larger earrings and necklaces.

Handmade in San Francisco, CA


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