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Oval Tray Waves Red

Oval Tray Waves Red


$ 40.00


Spako Clay

These little porcelain trays are perfect for use as a soap dish, storing jewelry or serving dips. A great catchall with multiple uses!

Measurements: Approximately 6" long x 4" wide x .75" high.

As each dish is handmade & hand painted, there may be slight variations in each dish.

Working in her Austin, TX studio, Julie Spako high fires each porcelain piece at 2350F. Each item is hand drawn with underglaze & then dipped in glaze. All glazes are food, dishwasher & microwave safe. Julie loves porcelain as the clay is light and fine in texture, yet strong and durable. She enjoys the balance between the complexity of drawing with the irregular nature of hand built pottery.

Handmade in Austin, Texas.


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