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Pattern Pony Earrings: Turquoise
Pattern Pony Earrings: Turquoise

Pattern Pony Earrings: Turquoise


$ 78.00


Passage Jewelry

These statement earrings have a two part brass top. Hanging from the larger half circle is beaded fringe in a whimsical pattern. The predominant beaded color is turquoise.  All are individually connected allowing the earrings to move and dance as you do. 

  • Earrings are approximately  2" from top of arc to bottom of beaded section and approx 1" wide.
  • Earwires are sterling silver. 

While growing up in St. Petersburg, Russia, Regina Pruss of Passage Jewelry watched as her mother and grandmother painted wooden beads, stringing them on a line. It was Russian folk jewelry, and it was an early memory that shaped her forever. Now she resides in Portland, Oregon, creating bespoke jewelry by hand, no two pieces exactly alike.