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Porcelain planter with saucer

Porcelain planter with saucer


$ 42.00


Stepanka Ceramics

This porcelain planter is hand built using very thin slabs of porcelain, and glazed with a semi-matte clear glaze. The slightly crumpled side walls make each planter unique. Includes drainage hole.

Size: approximately 3" across & 2.5" tall, saucer is approximately 3.5" square

Ceramic artist Stepanka Horalkova was born in the Czech Republic and moved to New York City in 1995. She is a self-taught ceramic artist, focusing her attention on working with porcelain.  Her work is all hand built, mainly using slabs that can range from standing vessels to standing abstract forms, wall pillow forms, wall sculptures and functional pieces.  Her fascination with geometric shapes and textures goes back to when she was a young girl, growing in the Czech Republic. She works with a complex palette of underglazes, slips, glazes and metallic lusters.

Made in New York, New York.


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