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Pug print

Pug print


$ 20.00


Berkley Illustration

You've probably heard of Pig Latin but are you familiar with Pug Latin? This dog created this special language to help pugs and humans communicate more efficiently. Pug Latin translates grunts into basic human commands using a morse code like system. If you hear three staccato grunts it means "feed me, please".

This is a digital archival print created from original marker and colored pencil drawing.

8"x10" - Comes with backing in a compostable plastic sleeve just for you - all ready to pop in a frame.

Ryan Berkley is a comics inspired gentleman surrounded by toys and Chewbacca masks. He like drawing sharks and animals and creatures and daredevils and superheroes. Sometimes he combine all of them - sometimes they are on their own - it really depends on his mood. Ryan and Lucy run this two manned team from Portland, Oregon.

Made in Portland, OR.


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