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Rhinoceros print

Rhinoceros print


$ 20.00


Berkley Illustration

The Rhino's story:
Slinging drinks at a swanky cocktail bar for years eventually became tiresome for this rhino. He pursued pouring during daylight hours and has found great success as a mocktail mixologist at children's birthday parties. His specialty is a fizzy coconut lemonade. Kids go wild when he uses one horn to drain the coconut and the other to juice the lemons.

This is a digital archival print created from original marker and colored pencil drawing.

8"x10" - Comes with backing in a compostable plastic sleeve just for you - all ready to pop in a frame.

Ryan Berkley is a comics inspired gentleman surrounded by toys and Chewbacca masks. He likes drawing sharks and animals and creatures and daredevils and superheroes. Sometimes he combines all of them - sometimes they are on their own - it really depends on his mood. Ryan and his wife Lucy run this two person team.

Made in Portland, Oregon.


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