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Rose Clasp Wallet Black Smoke
Rose Clasp Wallet Black Smoke

Rose Clasp Wallet Black Smoke


$ 89.00


aunts & uncles

Not vain but a bit proud Rose is wearing her nostalgic look. Even more important though is her smart head she uses to care reliably for your finances.

Overall dimension:
about 8.5 × 5 × 1.5 in

• main case
• coin pocket with zipper
• three card pockets
• large insert pocket
• zipper section inside
• key holder
• striped interior

aunts&uncles is a family business based in the Lower Rhine Region that discovered a passion for leather bags. Since 2004 they enthusiastically develop and c‍reate new designs, improve the old and combine tradition and zeitgeist – always with the aim to make you happy. Each of their products are handmade and unique. With use each bag gains individual character and tell stories of everyday life, of friends,  and journeys taken. When you choose an aunts&uncles style, you become part of the family.


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