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Stitched Pillow Vase small
Stitched Pillow Vase small

Stitched Pillow Vase small


$ 40.00


Taylor Ceramics

This beautiful vase is made from a thin slab of porcelain and punctured with holes in the construction stage. After the glaze firing it is then "stitched" with waxed black linen. The mouth of the vessel is small, just big enough to hold one dramatic bloom or a little cluster of delicate herbs or flowers. 

The design of the pillow vase is narrow - it fits on the smallest window sill or shelf. It's the perfect additional to a new home or a new shelf, a way to add a fresh bloom to a bathroom or a bedside table. 

The small vase measures approximately 4.5 x 1.5 x 3.25 inches.

Cara Taylor is the designer and creator behind this simple yet unique line of ceramic pieces. The inspirations of Cara’s studio explorations are based on process and production. Hand built work begins with an assortment of porcelain slabs which are cut and then reformed to create three dimensional pieces. Slab construction, slip casting and wheel thrown pieces are all part of the Taylor Ceramics exploration of beauty and design. Whether purely decorative or used to contain flowers and twigs, these handmade vessels are intended to have purpose in the everyday.

Handmade at the Celadon Studio in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts.


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