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Tamanohada Rose Soap
Tamanohada Rose Soap
Tamanohada Rose Soap

Tamanohada Rose Soap


$ 13.00



Emphasize the sweetness of the gorgeous rose scent. Impression that is elegant but sweet. Fragrance that each personality stands out changes gradually with time from the top to the last, leaving a subtle scent on the skin the next day. From bathing to facial cleansing, you can use it throughout the body. 

Vegetable soap made from palm oil and palm kernel oil. Excellent foaming, moisturizing and moisturizing, skin-friendly soap. From bath to facial cleansing, please use it with confidence.

Include plenty of water in the soap and whisk well in your palm or sponge. Please wash the whole body gently massage and rinse thoroughly.

The soaps are handcrafted in Tokyo where Tamanohada has been at work since 1892. 


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