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Teeny Reed Black/Gold Necklace
Teeny Reed Black/Gold Necklace

Teeny Reed Black/Gold Necklace


$ 55.00


Zoe Comings

The teeny reed necklace offers a clean geometric look, with straight lines in the color of your choosing. finished with 22k gold to elevate the look.

Handmade porcelain, glaze, 14k gold fill, 22k gold finish

Specifications: Pendants is approx. 1/8” x 3/4” hanging on a 18” chain.

Wear & care: Wear with care. Porcelain is quite strong, though delicate, wear accordingly.

Store gently. A gift box or jewelry box is a great place at home or to carry in handbag.

Wash gently. A mild soap and water can be used to increase shine and patina, dry with soft towel.

Working from her Austin based studio, designer Zoë Comings creates and produces her porcelain jewelry line. The jewelry conveys a high quality of handmade while delivering a modern, elegant look. Equally important to the designer is the blend of porcelain & metal which is celebrated in each piece. She works with natural and classic forms, simplified with a modern aesthetic. Designed and handmade in Austin, Texas, by designer Zoë Comings.