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Three Disc necklace dark red/dark gray/light gray

Three Disc necklace dark red/dark gray/light gray


$ 80.00


Talia Brown

Three discs of varying size are joined together for a statement necklace that can be worn daily.

Size of discs (from left to right): 1 3/4", 11/16", 1".  Chain measures 8 1/2" on each side of pendant.

Talia discovered her passion for creating and designing "anything" art related at a young age. During high school and college, Talia took advantage of the art classes offered to her; such as painting, ceramics and jewelry. After college, Talia's instinctual drive to create art did not cease while teaching Special Education for 6 years. It became more of a "necessary hobby."

Made in Portland, OR.


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